Economic operators from the Democratic Republic of Congo were parts of the Katanga Business Meeting forum (KBM) hosted in Kolwezi from 11th through   12th September under the theme « Unlocking the DRC’s economic potential for sustainable and equitable growth ». Tenke Fungurume Mining’s participation was noteworthy for several reasons. TFM took part in a high-level panel and showed off its colors through a giant exhibition stand.

Over the course of two days, a rich variety of topics were developed, and culminated in a thorough consideration of areas and strategies that could help to unlock the DRC’s economic potential. During these discussions, mining was construed as an underpinning driver of the country’s development. Its contribution is believed to yield direct effects on all key areas of development, both for communities and the republic as a whole.

It is in this context that TFM, through its External Relations Director, Mr. Hugo Sinza, declared at the press briefing delivered in opening stage of the forum that « TFM is committed to redistributing the profits from its mining operations in order to enhance basic sectors of life in favor of its neighboring communities. »

On the first day of the forum, September 11th, TFM Community Relations Manager, Professor Edouard Swana, took part in a panel discussion themed « The mining sector as the catalyst of sustainable and equitable development ».

TFM Community Relations Manager, Edouard Swana, taking part in KBM panel

Professor Swana explained how TFM fosters local content. Thus, in order to fulfil its corporate social responsibility (CSR), TFM has developed many programs through various drivers, including, among other things, Corporation Social Responsibility Mission Statement (Cahier des charges), 0.3% allocation which has now turned into endowment fund (Dotation) and is enshrined in the new Mining Code;
capacity-building for women’s associations, construction project for Songhaï Agropastoral Center, etc. And one of the flagship projects is the project for the construction of a referral general hospital, whose model has henceforth been upheld by the Ministry of Health as a standard model for the entire Republic.

In order to encourage ownership of those facilities, accountability to stakeholders—term used by the professor to designate the parties—is a paramount approach. This guarantees social license. Regular meetings are convened with various stakeholders, including local socio-cultural associations, traditional leaders, political and administrative authorities and other stakeholders.

High-profile panelists took turn to deliver speeches from the stage, including Mrs. Judith Suminwa Tuluka — Minister of Planning, Mrs Fifi Masuka Saini — Governor of Lualaba Province, Mr. Louis Watum — Chairman of Chamber of Mines, Managing Directors of public agencies ARCA and ARSP (Regulatory Authority for contracting out in the Private Sector), and many other experts.

As the Governor of Lualaba Province and the Minister of Planning, as well as several other delegations were popping up at TFM stand, Mr. Hugo Sinza, TFM External Relations Director has delivered to each of them a brief presentation on TFM’s key figures, including production, tax and community contribution.

Minister of Planning, Judith Suminwa, and the Governor of Lualaba, Fifi Masuka, receive a presentation on TFM, delivered by Mr. Hugo Sinza, External Relations Director.

TFM has taken part in KBM since 2015, the starting date of the forum. Here, TFM is often referred to as a role model in several respects. The company’s performance is exemplary in a number of areas, such as compliance with ESG requirements, implementation of its CSR and community development programs established by the company.